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Audits & Surveys
Energy Surveys & Audits 
Energy surveys for buildings and report on areas where savings can be achieved, their likely cost and associated pay back periods. We will also advise on available sources of grants and funding streams to help pay for their implementation. 

Technical Audits 
Building Services installations play an ever increasing roll in buildings and are the only active components in an otherwise passive shelter. Without effective and efficient M&E services a building would not function properly. 

Viridian can review M&E installations and advise upon their efficiency and suitability for their intended function by undertaking in depth surveys and managing testing of such systems to give a detailed overview of their performance, together with associated recommendations. 

Acquisition Surveys 
Mechanical & Electrical installations form a large proportion of any buildings value. Often these installations have not been maintained to an appropriate standard, do not meet regulatory or operational requirements, or may be coming to the end of their useful economic working life.

Viridian can report on building services condition, suitability for their intended use, and provide an order of costs for necessary future works. This can be used in determining the overall asset value. 

Condition Surveys 
We have significant experience in assessing the condition of Mechanical and Electrical service installations and reporting on their economic life expectancy, necessary remedial works and associated replacement or repair costs.
Building services installations typically have a value of 15 to 50% of a buildings value. This service would assist building owners and managers plan their future expenditure and maintain the buildings value. 

Air Conditioning Inspections 
European Directive Legislation dictates that all installations with a cooling capacity in excess of 250kW have had an inspection by a qualified assessor. All installations with a cooling capacity in excess of 12kW require an inspection. 

The report highlights areas where efficiencies can be improved and energy can be saved. The reports remain valid for  5 years, at which time a further report is required. 

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