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Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments 
It is a legal requirement for all new homes to be assessed as to its overall level of sustainability and to be provided with a sustainability certificate rated from 0 to 6. Public housing schemes usually require a good rating as part of their funding requirements. 

Many private house buildings require a good rating as part of a planning condition or as a marketing tool to demonstrate a sustainable development. 

As fully qualified Code for Sustainable Homes assessors via the Building Research Establishment, we are able to advise how each level of the code can be achieved and to produce a relevant rating certificate for a single property of housing development. 

BREEAM Advice 
BREEAM ratings are very similar to the sustainability rating system for the Code for Sustainable Homes. Each building sector requires a specific BREEAM scheme to be undertaken where specified, often by funders or planners. 

We are striving to become fully qualified in each of the BREEAM schemes, the timing of which will depend upon available funds and the specific course dates. If there is a requirement for a BREEAM assessment to be undertaken, we work with a number of strategic partners, with who we can  work closely in order to provide the necessary assessment. 
Building Regulations Part L Compliance Advice 
In order to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, a computer model of the proposed building needs to be completed using the approved iSBEM software, demonstrating that the carbon emissions from the building do not exceed specified limits. The building’s thermal performance, air leakage and efficiency of its building services installations all affect this result.

Viridian uses the latest software to undertake these calculations and are qualified and highly experienced in its use. 

SAP Calculations 
In order to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations, Part L requirements for domestic properties, SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations are required to be undertaken much in the same way as for commercial buildings as outlined above. 
Again, Viridian uses the latest SAP software to undertake these calculations and its employees are qualified and are highly experienced in its use. 

SBEM Calculations
SBEM calculations provide an analysis of a building's energy consumption based on the monthly energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions from the buildings geometry, construction and use and HVAC and lighting equipment. 

SBEM calculations are required to satisfy compliance with Building Regulations Part L2 and should be produced for all new build, converted and extended commercial premises.  

As part of the EU EPBD regulations, all new commercial buildings require an energy performance certificate to be produced by a qualified assessor.

At Viridian Consulting Engineers, we can provide you with SBEM calculations, consultancy and alterations. We have a team of experienced assessors who can provide you with advice on SBEM calculations to comply with building regulations.

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