Industrial and Infrastructure Projects

Armstrong Point
Hindley Green

Armstrong Point was the first zero-energy cost business park in the UK using numerous low and zero carbon technologies in order to become a net-producer of energy. The units range from 1367 ft² to 23,389 ft².

Technologies include wind turbine, transpired solar collectors with high efficiency gas fired unit heaters, solar thermal hot water, air source heat pumps, LED lighting, photovoltaic arrays and rainwater harvesting for irrigation and vehicle washing.

Transpired Solar Collectors are solar air heating systems made of perforated panels, installed onto southerly facing walls. The perforated metal skin absorbs the sun’s energy and heats up the boundary layer of air on its surface. A fan then supplies the heated air to the building to reduce the energy required by the main heating system.

Tilda Rice

Viridian has been involved in the refurbishment and re-construction of a new Rice Milling facility at Tilda Rice in Rainham, Essex.

This project involved the installation of new wet and dry sprinkler protection installations throughout the site, together with new equipment Mechanical and Electric supplies, such as Deionised Water, Compressed Air and controls installations.

Ifor Williams Trailers

This project involved the rebuild and replacement of mechanical and electrical services installations of Ifor Williams trailers in Wrexham following a major fire.

Services included the replacement of gas fired radiant heating, lighting and service feeds to equipment, including power, water and compressed air.

Stell Cardboard Tubes

This project involved the fit out of a new shell and core building for the relocation of this cardboard tube manufacturing facility.

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